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  • Title:Control Over
  • Date:2019/03/21(Thu)
  • Time:Open:18:00 / Start:18:30
  • Place:Crazy Monkey
  • Ticket:Adv 2,500Yen / Day 3,000Yen / +1Drink 500Yen

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Welcome to My Falling Fairy World


2019/03/21(Thu) Live at Crazy Monkey
2019/02/23(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2018/11/18(Sun) Live at KRAPS HALL
2018/10/27(Sat) Live at ELLCUBE(苫小牧)
2018/09/01(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2018/08/18(Sat) Live at GOLD STONE(小樽)
2018/08/05(Sun) Live at CASINO DRIVE(旭川)
2018/07/21(Sat) Live at CLUB Cocoa(函館)
2018/06/09(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2018/06/02(Sat) Live at ELLCUBE(苫小牧)
2018/05/26(Sat) Live at SUSUKINO810
2018/03/21(Wed) Live at Crazy Monkey
2018/03/11(Sun) Live at Crazy Monkey
2018/02/04(Sun) Live at SUSUKINO810
2018/01/21(Sun) Live at COLONY
2018/01/07(Sun) Live at Crazy Monkey
2017/12/23(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2017/12/09(Sat) Live at GOLD STONE(小樽)
2017/11/26(Sun) Live at ELLCUBE(苫小牧)
2017/11/11(Sat) Live at KRAPS HALL
2017/10/14(Sat) Live at SOUND CRUE
2017/09/18(Mon) Live at Crazy Monkey
2017/09/16(Sat) Live at SUSUKINO810
2017/07/30(Sun) Live at ELLCUBE(苫小牧)
2017/07/16(Sun) Live at CLUB Cocoa(函館)
2017/06/04(Sun) Live at CASINO DRIVE(旭川)
2017/06/03(Sat) Live at GOLD STONE(小樽)
2017/05/05(Fri) Live at Sound lab mole
2017/04/02(Sun) Live at Crazy Monkey
2017/02/12(Sun) Live at Crazy Monkey
2017/01/29(Sun) Live at Crazy Monkey
2017/01/07(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2016/12/18(Sun) Live at SUSUKINO810
2016/11/05(Sat) Live at KRAPS HALL
2016/06/25(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2016/05/29(Sun) Live at Crazy Monkey
2016/05/21(Sat) Live at CASINO DRIVE(旭川)
2016/04/30(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2016/04/16(Sat) Live at Kraps Hall
2016/03/12(Sat) Live at Crazy Monkey
2016/02/20(Sat) Live at SUSUKINO810
2016/01/31(Sun) Live at ELLCUBE(苫小牧)
2015/12/20(Sun) ホームページリニューアル


Title:Rebellious Ocean
Disc 1 -Rebellious Side-
2:Dive Dead Down
3:Insane Moonlight
4:Welcome to My Falling Fairy World
5:Lively Life

Disc2 -Reborn Side-
1:Boys Feel Foreboding (Instrumental)
2:Boys Under Skin
3:Certain End Words
4:Bride of Heaven

Previous Live

Place:Crazy Monkey
Set List
1:Bloody Flower
2:Doll Playing Oblivion
3:Variant Maria
4:New Moon Prayer Composed Star
5:Unfinished Glory

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2014年には2 Daysのフェス形式で16組のバンドを迎えRebellious Rock Fes 2014 in Sapporoを決行。
2015年には1日に2会場同時開催のフェス形式で12組のバンドを迎えRebellious Rock Fes 2015 in Sapporoを決行。

ゴールデンボンバーをはじめ、TSP、GANGLION、Bordeaux、Scars Borough、Who the Bitchなどのオープニングアクトにも出演し、現在に至る。

  • Part Bass
    Birthday 12/20
    Blood Type A
  • Part Vocal
    Birthday 8/12
    Blood Type B
  • Part Guitar
    Birthday 9/5
    Blood Type A
  • Part Drums
    Birthday 1/4
    Blood Type B